Smart Energy Monitoring IoT Solution


Improve energy efficiency

Our smart energy monitoring solutions offer a full range of software services to help you dramatically increase energy utilization while reducing energy savings, energy consumption and operating expenses.

Powered by real-time data from IoT sensors, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, the solution identifies huge energy savings prospects. It can even significantly reduce energy consumption.

 illustration depicting a smart light bulb

Easy to use, efficient solutions

The Smart Energy Monitoring Solution is easy to use once installed as it comes with an intuitive dashboard that can be accessed using mobile devices. The solution is capable of communicating with building resources, controlling information and providing rich insights to optimize the energy usage and take smart actions.

The application on your mobile device can grab data from other monitoring sources and display it in a single dashboard, making it easy to monitor energy use at diverse locations and from other devices.

All sensors and resources are connected to the gateway that communicates with an IoT platform for advanced data analytics. It uses the internet connection to synchronize its data storage to the cloud. You won’t even need a specific configuration at your end, unless you have a very complex network. Plus, we can provide an API solution to fit your use case.

From a complete training on installing and operating the system in the cloud, the Smart Energy Monitoring solution makes monitoring easy.

Three mobile display screenshots ofsmart energy monitoring application

Advantages of Smart Energy Monitoring


  • Energy efficient: It helps you reduce energy consumption, not by reducing usage, but by avoiding waste.
  • Detect abnormal patterns: The system records, stores and helps users visualize data with the help of data analysis.
  • Optimizing cost and comfort: it manages energy consumption in an economical and commercial way.
  • Remote centralized management: It can be achieved through centralized monitoring and real-time control, which simplifies energy saving.
  • Improved Sustainability: The integration of this system ensures lower operating costs, resulting in ongoing savings over time.


  • Real-time monitoring of energy quality control
  • Advanced Data Analysis with AI
  • Equipment performance analysis
  • Visualization of energy consumption control modes
  • KPI parameter definitions for analytics and dashboards
  • multi-object management
  • Customizable reports
  • Predictive Energy Optimization

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