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  • Multi-Function Power Meter

    The ATZ series comprehensive monitoring device can provide various measurement functions required fo...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Digital Panel Meter

    AT series panel type digital measurement and control meter can accurately measure and display all ki...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Din Rail Energy Meter

    The AT series guide rail multifunctional electric meter adopts a guide rail design, which is easy to...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Microcomputer Protection Device

    The ATB series comprehensive protection and measurement device is suitable for the protection and me...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Low Voltage Motor Protection Controller

    ATD Low Voltage Motor Protection Controller integrates advanced network communication technology wit...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring Device

    The ATW series wireless temperature measurement device addresses the current status of temperature m...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Temperature And Humidity Controller

    The temperature and humidity controller is a device with a microcontroller as the control core and h...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Cabinet Dehumidifier

    The ATCS series intelligent dehumidification device is an efficient device that uses advanced semico...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Current Transformer

    Current transformers (CTs) are devices used in electrical systems to measure and monitor current. Th...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Smart Safety Monitoring Energy Meter

    The ATS series intelligent power safety monitoring device is an ideal device for power monitoring. T...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Antin Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a

multifunctional energy meter and customized panel meter supplier

in China. Founded in 2013, the company integrates research and development, production, sales and service, and is committed to providing comprehensive energy service solutions for customers in the power, energy, industrial, transportation, communication and construction industries.
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Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2024-04-11

    With the rapid development of information technology, remote monitoring technology has become an indispensable part of modern industry, scientific research, and daily life. Among them, the multifunction power meter, with its outstanding performance and wide range of applications, has become a powerful assistant in the field of remote monitoring. The addition of the network communication interface has enabled the multifunction power meter to demonstrate unprecedented advantages in remote monitori...

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  • 2024-04-04

    Digital panel power meter is a precise electronic measuring instrument, widely used in power system, industrial production, scientific research and other fields. It can accurately measure the voltage, current, power and other parameters in the circuit, and provide important basis for the operation and maintenance of power equipment. However, temperature has a significant impact on the performance and accuracy of digital panel power meter, so it has strict requirements on the working environment ...

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  • 2024-03-28

    The Din rail energy meter is a type of energy meter that is typically smaller in size and suitable for installation on standard rails. This compact design makes installation and removal very convenient. In environments with limited space, such as electrical control cabinets, this feature is particularly important as it allows users to easily install and use Din rail energy meters in restricted spaces. An electric energy meter is a device used to measure the consumption of electrical energy. It ...

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  • 2024-03-21

    The digital panel power meter not only measures power, but also provides brightness adjustment functionality. This feature allows users to adjust the brightness level of the screen based on environmental lighting conditions and personal preferences. This is very useful for different work environments, as light conditions can vary greatly. In strong sunlight, the content on the screen may become blurred and unclear. At this time, users can increase the screen brightness to ensure clear viewing o...

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  • 2024-03-14

    In industrial production, the normal operation of equipment is the key to ensuring production efficiency and product quality. However, due to various reasons, equipment failures or abnormal situations occur from time to time. In order to timely discover equipment failures and take effective measures to repair them, microcomputer protection devices have become indispensable equipment monitoring and protection tools. In industrial production, microcomputer protection devices can be applied to var...

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  • 2024-03-07

    Pulse output is a very common technology used in DIN rail energy meters, and it is widely used in various applications. The energy meter will generate pulse signals at fixed intervals according to the user's power consumption, and the number of pulses is proportional to the power consumption. These pulse signals can be transmitted through an interface connected to an external device (such as a data logger or remote monitoring system). Pulse output is a very useful function provided by energy me...

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