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  • Multi-Function Power Meter

    The ATZ series comprehensive monitoring device can provide various measurement functions required fo...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Digital Panel Meter

    AT series panel type digital measurement and control meter can accurately measure and display all ki...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Din Rail Energy Meter

    The AT series guide rail multifunctional electric meter adopts a guide rail design, which is easy to...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Microcomputer Protection Device

    The ATB series comprehensive protection and measurement device is suitable for the protection and me...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Low Voltage Motor Protection Controller

    ATD Low Voltage Motor Protection Controller integrates advanced network communication technology wit...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring Device

    The ATW series wireless temperature measurement device addresses the current status of temperature m...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Temperature And Humidity Controller

    The temperature and humidity controller is a device with a microcontroller as the control core and h...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Cabinet Dehumidifier

    The ATCS series intelligent dehumidification device is an efficient device that uses advanced semico...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Current Transformer

    Current transformers (CTs) are devices used in electrical systems to measure and monitor current. Th...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Smart Safety Monitoring Energy Meter

    The ATS series intelligent power safety monitoring device is an ideal device for power monitoring. T...

    Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Antin Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a

multifunctional energy meter and customized panel meter supplier

in China. Founded in 2013, the company integrates research and development, production, sales and service, and is committed to providing comprehensive energy service solutions for customers in the power, energy, industrial, transportation, communication and construction industries.
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Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2024-06-13

    In modern power system, safety and stability are of vital importance. In order to ensure the smooth operation of power system, microcomputer protection device plays an indispensable role. These devices collect electrical parameter signals such as voltage, current, frequency, power, etc. in real time through sensors installed at various nodes of power system, providing a solid data foundation for monitoring and protection of power system. First of all, sensors, as the eyes and ears of microcomput...

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  • 2024-06-06

    In modern power systems, DC power is increasingly used in applications, whether in industrial production or laboratory research, requiring accurate measurement of DC voltage, current and power. Digital panel power meters, with their advanced technology and multi-functional features, have become an important tool in the field of DC measurement. There are significant differences in characteristics between DC power and AC power. The current and voltage of DC power are constant without periodic chan...

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  • 2024-05-30

    With the rapid development of communication technology, power testing and analysis have become an important part of ensuring stable performance of communication equipment and efficient information transmission. In this field, digital panel power meters play a vital role, not only providing accurate power measurement data, but also meeting the special needs of communication equipment for measurement range and frequency response.There are significant differences between the communications industry...

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  • 2024-05-23

    In the era of intelligence and informatization, Smart Safety Monitoring Energy Meters have gradually become an important role in the field of power monitoring with their excellent performance and powerful functions. Among them, its unique self-detection and repair functions provide a solid guarantee for the security and privacy of power data.The self-detection function of the intelligent safety monitoring electric energy meter is one of its core safety mechanisms. It has the ability to monitor i...

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  • 2024-05-16

    In the world of wireless temperature monitoring device, accuracy is undoubtedly a key factor in device design and application. Whether it is temperature control in industrial production, temperature monitoring in cold chain logistics, or even temperature adjustment in smart homes, accurate and reliable temperature data are required to guide decision-making. Therefore, wireless temperature monitoring devices must have high-precision temperature sensing capabilities to ensure data accuracy.A high-...

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  • 2024-05-09

    In power systems, energy measurement is a vital task. It is not only about fair transactions between power suppliers and users, but also the basis for reasonable energy management and optimization by power companies. In this link, current transformers play an indispensable and key role.Current transformer, as an electrical instrument specially used to measure current, plays a core role in electric energy measurement. It can convert high current into low current, making measurement more convenien...

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