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Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Antin Power Technology Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou, China, known as the "Silicon Valley of Paradise". Establishment in 2013. Antin Power is one of the leading Microcomputer Protection Device Manufacturers and Microcomputer Protection Device Suppliers of electricity meters and energy measurement solutions to help worldwide customers visualize all energy usage and improve productivity and energy efficiency.

Over the years, Antin Power has developed a wide range of products including din rail energy meters, multi-function energy meters, prepaid energy meters, panel meters, etc., which could be widely used in the applications like energy management and monitoring systems, sub-billing systems, electrical SCADA system etc.

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Microcomputer Protection Device Industry knowledge

What is the reason of a microcomputer protection device? 

A microcomputer safety tool serves the cause of safeguarding a microcomputer device from capacity damage or harm as a result of outside elements consisting of electricity surges, voltage fluctuations, electromagnetic interference, and brief voltages. The principal intention of the use of the sort of device is to ensure the reliability, durability, and sturdiness of the microcomputer device.
One of the number one features of a microcomputer safety tool is to modify and stabilize the deliver of power to the microcomputer. It acts as a buffer among the energy supply and the microcomputer, defensive it from unexpected electricity surges and voltage spikes that would potentially damage sensitive digital components. By supplying a solid and consistent strength deliver, it reduces the danger of hardware failure and extends the lifespan of the microcomputer system.
Additionally, a microcomputer protection tool allows to mitigate the impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the microcomputer device. EMI can purpose disturbances within the shape of unwanted electrical noise or electromagnetic radiation, that could disrupt the regular functioning of the microcomputer. The safety tool filters out those disturbances and guarantees that the microcomputer operates in a easy electromagnetic environment.
Furthermore, a microcomputer safety device acts as a surge protector, safeguarding the microcomputer from transient voltages that can arise because of lightning moves, strength outages, or electrical faults. These brief voltages can cause extensive damage to the microcomputer and its peripherals. The protection device diverts the excess voltage to the floor, stopping it from achieving and adverse the microcomputer system.
The cause of a microcomputer protection tool is to offer complete protection against numerous outside factors that would doubtlessly harm the microcomputer system. By ensuring a solid strength supply, filtering out electromagnetic interference, and safeguarding in opposition to temporary voltages, it enables to keep the integrity and reliability of the microcomputer and prolong its lifespan.

How do microcomputer protection gadgets save you harm from electrical faults or quick circuits? 

Microcomputer protection gadgets, also called circuit safety devices, are designed to prevent harm from electrical faults or quick circuits by way of quickly interrupting the go with the flow of immoderate current and separating the faulty circuit from the rest of the gadget. Here is how they paintings:
1. Overcurrent Protection: Overcurrent takes place whilst the cutting-edge flowing via a circuit exceeds its rated ability. Microcomputer safety gadgets, which includes fuses and circuit breakers, are designed to locate this excessive present day and interrupt its waft. Fuses comprise a thin wire that melts when the contemporary exceeds a sure threshold, thereby breaking the circuit. Circuit breakers have a bimetallic strip or an electromagnetic mechanism that activates while the cutting-edge exceeds a predetermined degree, robotically opening the circuit.
2. Short Circuit Protection: A short circuit occurs when the cutting-edge takes an unintended direction because of a fault, growing a low-resistance connection between the energy supply and the floor. This results in a sizeable growth in contemporary go with the flow, probably detrimental the microcomputer. Protection devices hit upon quick circuits by tracking the modern-day levels and react rapidly to interrupt the circuit. Fuses, circuit breakers, or specialised protection gadgets like surge protectors or contemporary-proscribing devices are employed to interrupt the circuit and save you harm.
3. Ground Fault Protection: Ground faults arise when a live conductor inadvertently comes into contact with the metal components of a microcomputer or its enclosure. Ground fault safety gadgets screen the present day distinction between the live and neutral conductors. If a fault happens, inflicting an imbalance in the modern, the safety tool journeys and disconnects the circuit. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are typically used to offer this protection.
4. Voltage Surge Protection: Voltage surges or transients can end result from lightning moves, switching operations, or faults inside the power grid. These surges can purpose damage to microcomputers. Surge safety devices are used to divert the immoderate voltage to the ground, thereby limiting the voltage that enters the microcomputer. These gadgets, such as surge protectors or metal oxide varistors (MOVs), act as voltage clamps and take in or redirect temporary strength to ground.
Microcomputer protection gadgets prevent damage from electric faults or short circuits with the aid of quick interrupting excessive contemporary, breaking the circuit, and isolating the faulty circuit or dissipating the immoderate voltage. They play a critical function in safeguarding the microcomputer and the entire device from ability harm.