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Antin Smart Energy Cloud Platform

Antin Smart Energy Cloud Platform is a set of real-time online monitoring and control platforms for energy consumption within a region built by our company by applying modern computer network technology, geographic information technology, wireless communication technology, metering control technology and other information technologies.

Following the requirements of national and industry standards, the system realizes digitalization, networking and spatial visualization of energy and energy-saving management, builds energy basic database, innovates energy-saving management mode, supports energy-saving macro comprehensive decision-making, realizes real-time on-line monitoring of energy consumption, improves the level of energy management, promotes energy efficiency, and builds a low-carbon eco-city.

Smart Housekeeper

Antin Smart Energy Cloud Platform provides customers with refined energy consumption management and consulting services in the form of O2O online and offline integration, helping customers improve the informatization level of energy consumption management, enhance corporate competitiveness, and effectively reduce energy consumption. Cost expenditure, becoming a "smart housekeeper" for tens of millions of enterprises.

  • Energy consumption visualization

    Energy consumption visualization and target management, reasonable adjustment of production plans, and optimization of peak and valley power consumption and maximum demand can reduce corporate energy consumption expenses.

  • Real-time operation and maintenance

    With the ability to detect localization problems in a timely manner, the system provides immediate warnings, notifications, and recommendations to guide operations and maintenance personnel in handling the situation.

  • Management automation

    Automated operation monitoring improves work efficiency and saves labor costs.

Real Time Monitoring

The data collection of Antin Intelligent Energy Cloud Platform adheres to the scientific outlook on development, gives full play to the features of efficient and reliable online monitoring data collection, grasps the basic situation of energy use of energy-using units in a timely manner, and establishes a complete monitoring system for energy use. The system analyzes the energy consumption of key enterprises in real time, provides industrial energy consumption prediction and early warning capabilities, provides monitoring and management tools for energy management, effectively strengthens industrial energy consumption information monitoring, obtains more realistic energy consumption data, and more comprehensively improves energy saving assessment targets.

Antin Smart Energy Cloud Platform contains professional-grade energy consumption maps to show you three-dimensional energy distribution. From the entire management area to corporate buildings, power distribution rooms, floors, work areas, and even every piece of equipment, it can be fully displayed. You can keep track of your energy usage anytime and anywhere through the WeChat service on your mobile phone. Various professional and timely data monitoring and analysis allow you to strategize and make decisions thousands of miles away.

Through the monitoring of key energy consumption indicators of enterprises and big data analysis and evaluation, it helps enterprises reduce operating costs and realize energy saving and emission reduction. At the same time, the operation status of each major equipment is monitored in real time during operation. Abnormal conditions of the equipment are discovered in time through big data such as power consumption and environment, which will be immediately notified to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise through WeChat and SMS to deal with the situation in time, avoiding or reducing the risk of loss.

  • The system is stable and reliable, so data security is ensured by using the same cloud service with Taobao and Zhejiang Provincial Government Affairs Platform.

  • Licensed to measure, with accurate data.

  • Secure data transmission with support for national grid standards

  • Private user data with a signed non-disclosure agreement.