ATCS-220 Intelligent Electrical Cabinet Dehumidifier

ATCS-220 Intelligent Electrical Cabinet Dehumidifier adopts semiconductor refrigeration dehumidification method, the humid air in the closed space is sucked into the dehumidification duct under the action of the fan, and the water vapor in the air is condensed into water after the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism.

Product Description

ATCS-220 Intelligent Electrical Cabinet Dehumidifier adopts semiconductor refrigeration dehumidification method, the humid air in the closed space is sucked into the dehumidification duct under the action of the fan, and the water vapor in the air is condensed into water after the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism, and then discharged from the cabinet through the guide pipe, which can achieve a good dehumidification effect. The relative humidity and absolute humidity are lowered by reducing the moisture content in the air, almost no increase in temperature, fundamentally reduce accidents caused by raising temperature, also no accelerate the aging of the cabinet devices because of high temperation. Instead of passively prevent condensation, this Intelligent dehumidification device will actively guide condensation, effectively prevent the cabinet equipment aging, insulation strength reduction, secondary terminal breakdown, material mold and steel structure rust and other security risks, to ensure the safe operation of the power grid.

Condensation in the equipment causing creepage, flashing accidents, are generally occured in the following situations: 1. the region is high humidity, big weather temperature changes, wet switchgear bottom, some cable trench even soaked by water; 2, some switchgear are equiped in basement with high humidity, the cabinet body temperature is lower than the ambient temperature; 3, some equipment is in a temporary shutdown, the electrical cabinet internal temperature is lower than Ambient temperature, which is highly likely to form condensation, in these cases, the accident may occurr once the power is on operation. In order to ensure the safe operation of the power grid system, the long life of electrical equipment, the power system has put forward higher requirements on the cabinet moisture, condensation prevention.

Main Features

  • Small size, light weight, easy installation.
  • Automatic/manual dehumidification function optional, temperature and dehumidification start value adjustable.
  • Dehumidification ducts actively induce condensation, discharged gas dehumidified by heating
  • Humidity and temperature sensor 24-hour real-time sampling, beyond the set start value automatically induced condensation.
  • humidity, temperature settings with memory function, will not be lost because of power shut down.
  • Error display function, can quickly find error points to ensure normal operation.
  • Adopt special moisture-proof components to ensure normal operation in humid environments
  • Adopt shielding isolation technology, in line with GB/T17626-2008 level 3 standard, to ensure that it can work under strong electromagnetic fields.
  • Dehumidification induced condensation pipeline, which can discharge the water outside the cabinet after induced condensation, and also can be collected outside the cabinet using the storage bag.
  • Optional communication function, support remote control/adjustment of operating parameters and fault reporting function.
  • Start the fan at regular intervals to form strong air convection and enhance the dehumidification effect.
  • Temperature below 5 degrees to open the fan defrost function, to prevent low temperature frost, affecting the use of the device function and life.
  • Internal power supply monitoring, working power supply abnormal alarm.

Application scope


The ATCS-220 Intelligent Electrical Cabinet Dehumidifier can be applied in:

Electrical equipment such as GIS control cabinets, high and low voltage control cabinets, high and low voltage switchgear, ring network cabinets, outdoor terminal boxes, mechanical control cabinets, box-type substations, dry-type substations, etc.
Integrated circuits, silicon crystals, liquid crystal devices, ceramic devices, capacitive resistive components, active devices, connectors, SMD devices, CPUs, computer boards for moisture-proof storage.
Moisture-proof management of physical and chemical instruments, experimental materials, insulating materials, moisture-proof storage of chemicals, drugs, food, fibers, biological agents.

Working Principle


The Intelligent Electrical Cabinet Dehumidifier consists of power supply system, air supply system, semiconductor cooler, temperature and humidity controller, heating circuit, communication module and drainage pipeline.

1.Dehumidification principle

When the humid air is inhaled by the fan, it flows through the specially designed air duct, first cools down and condenses by the semiconductor refrigeration device, and the condensation of the refrigerator drips into the lead tank under the action of gravity, and then flows out of the cabinet by the guide pipe. After a full cycle of dehumidification, the cabinet air humidity down to the condense point, to complete the entire moisture-proof lead condensation heating process. At the same time, the signal collection sensor can real-time accurately collect the real humidity in the cabinet, to ensure that intelligent dehumidification device in the cabinet will start dehumidification before condensation point is reached.

2. Communication control function

When the dehumidifying device with communication control function receives the data from the main control room, the data will be analyzed and immediately returned to the main control room

Product Parameters

Power ≤20W
Dehumidification capacity 100±10%ml/Day(≥35℃,RH=90%)
Dehumidification space ≤0.5M³
Applicable cabinet Switchgear, middle cabinet, ring network cabinet, terminal box electric cabinet, etc.
Operating ambient temperature -25℃~65℃
Operating environment humidity ≤95%RH
Measuring range 0%RH~99%RH
Measurement accuracy ±5%RH
Working threshold 60%RH(default, adjustable)
Display method 2-digit digital tube display
Drainage method Hose drainage
Mounting method Bracket mounting or rail mounting or strong magnetic fixing
Housing material Metal aluminum
Working power AC/DC85V~265V
Communication method RS485
Main body dimension L105mm*W58mm*H85mm

External dimensions

Intelligent dehumidification device host external dimensions of L105mm × W58mm × H85mm; can be installed using brackets; bracket installation hole distance of 87-93mm, installation diameter of 6mm; rail installation using standard 35mm rail.

Product Chart