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Author: Admin Date: Sep 10, 2018

New Employee Orientation Training

From the afternoon of July 28, 2018 to August 8, 2018, the General Affairs Department organized and carried out the 2018 new employee induction training. The training instructor is Mr. Yang from the Comprehensive Department. A total of 5 new employees participated in this training.

The training started with five new colleagues introducing themselves. Each employee should introduce himself or herself in short words. Because it was the first contact, everyone seemed nervous and unfamiliar. In the process of self-introduction, we not only exercised our oral expression ability, but also trained our personal memory and listening ability. The most important thing is that the process promoted mutual understanding between colleagues and established a friendly working relationship.

General Ding focused on the development of the company's several major sections, as well as the company's organizational structure and corporate culture information, Yang teacher through the PPT illustrated display, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the company's development scale.

In addition to understanding the company's corporate culture, the relevant rules and regulations are also required courses for new employees. At the same time, Teacher Yang explained the significance of professionalism from four aspects: image, attitude, skill and morality.

During the training process, for the new employees, Mr. Yang used the content of the network academy to make everyone have a better understanding of professional quality, enterprise spirit, rules and regulations. Let everyone understand: employees for the necessity of emotional management, only can manage their own people can influence others. In addition to emotional control, communication is especially important.

In the final link, Mr. Ding put forward expectations for new employees on behalf of the company: the company's evaluation of an employee is not only enough to see the process of effort, but also to see whether it can produce our due role to achieve the goal. In the process of completing the goal and task, every employee should learn to take the initiative to report and communicate, and be good at proactively discovering, analyzing, summarizing and solving problems Professional employees who learn and innovate. Every employee of the company will also be a friendly partner in our work, and we hope to provide support and help to all colleagues.

The company attaches great importance to the input of talents. Onboarding training is an important guide for employees to gradually get familiar with and adapt to the organizational environment, accurately position their roles, and give full play to their talents. I hope that the comprehensive department of the company will, as always, do a good job in the training of employees at all stages. The training was successfully concluded on August 8, 2018.