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Author: Admin Date: Sep 10, 2018

New Product! All Features!

Product overview
ATS130G series residual current temperature measuring device is a new type of anti-risk equipment which integrates the detection, warning, alarm, communication and other functions of residual current and temperature, and has intelligent analysis ability. When an electrical accident occurs in the power supply equipment, the monitor can issue an alarm to remind the staff to check the fault in time, eliminate possible electrical hazards, and prevent accidents.
The residual current temperature measuring device is suitable for residential buildings, hospitals, libraries, computer rooms, market malls, public cultural and entertainment places, restaurants, hotels, collective dormitories, schools, cultural relics protection units, factories, workshops, general warehouses, and other regional user safety fire protection, but not suitable for flammable and explosive and highly corrosive environment. The instrument provides RS485 communication interface and applies Modbus communication protocol, which is convenient for computer programming to set up or read data.
Application field
l Contacts and contacts of medium and low voltage switchgear
l Medium and low voltage bus, cable connector
l Tool switch
l Indoor and outdoor transformers
l Box type substation, dry type transformer
l power plant boiler temperature monitoring
l Cable temperature measurement
Product characteristics
l Set full electricity measurement and temperature measurement in one, and with communication, protection and other functions, the greatest degree of integration, the ultimate cost performance
l Can be extended to measure current, voltage, frequency, power, power factor, four-quadrant electric energy and other full power parameters
l Segmented LCD, strong screen resolution, wide field of view
l can be programmed online to set various instrument parameters, friendly interface, easy to operate
l Parameter Settings Password lock, parameter Settings power off permanently saved
l Switches are photoelectric isolation to achieve real-time remote control and alarm functions
l Photoelectric isolation between power supply, communication and switching output can avoid the occurrence of system failure caused by a module failure
The internal hardware, software and structure are designed according to electromagnetic compatibility standards, in line with relevant EMC standards, and can meet the relatively harsh environmental requirements
l Using AC and DC dual power supply, with high and low voltage isolation, temperature and overcurrent protection, sustainable short circuit protection, self-recovery, low ripple noise, with EMI filtering, high efficiency, high power, high reliability
l The use of standard communication interfaces and user-oriented open communication protocols to ensure real-time communication, is an important tool for equipment from traditional to intelligent
l Flexible installation, wall-mounted and pedestal guide rail options; With a variety of sizes for users to choose, compact design, space saving, installation, wiring is simple and convenient, small engineering amount, cost-effective

Product function
l Measurement function
n Three-way contact temperature
n Remaining current of one path
n Ambient temperature of one path (Optional)
n Three-phase voltage (Optional)
n Three-phase current (Optional)
n Three-phase active power, system active power (optional)
n Three-phase reactive power, system reactive power (optional)
n Three-phase apparent power, system apparent power (optional)
n Three-phase power factor, system power factor (optional)
n System Frequency (optional)
l Statistical and measurement functions
n Positive and negative active and reactive power metering (optional)
n Electric parameter threshold alarm (optional)
l Output function
n Switch quantity remote control output (optional, can be pre-paid jump closing or remote alarm)
n Electrical parameters over limit protection associated with switching output (such as: over/under/loss voltage, over current, high/low frequency, low power factor, overheating, etc.)
l Communication function
n Communication port: RS485
n Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU
n Communication connection mode: two-wire, shielded twisted pair
n Communication working mode: half-duplex
n Communication baud rate: 4800/9600/19200 bps
l Display function
n LCD Segmented liquid crystal display
n Switch and periodically display the full battery parameters
l Logical function
n Online programming sets all parameters
n Password lock, power off and save
n Restore factory Settings
n Power reset and set the initial value

Technical parameter
Applicable network                                         Single-phase, three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire
Working power supply   Voltage range         AC/DC85~265V; DC18V~72V (optional)
                                       Power dissipation   <5VA
Electrical accuracy class                                  Reactive power level 1, other 0.5
input           Electric current   Rated value         AC 100V、220、400V
(optional)    overload                                       1.2 times continuous, 2 times (10s)
                    Power dissipation                         <0.4VA/ phase
                    impedance                                   ≥200kΩ
voltage        Rated value                                  AC 1A(0.01A-1A)、5A(0.02A-6A)
(optional)    overload                          1.2x continuous, 10x (10s)
                    Power dissipation                        <0.2VA/ phase
                    impedance                                  ≥0.1 Ω
frequency                                                        45Hz~65Hz
temperature  Radius                                        - 30 ℃ ~ 120 ℃
                      precision                                    ±0.5℃
                      sensor                                      3 m standard (can be customized according to actual needs) 
Residual current   Radius                                 0.02-5A
                      precision                  Class 0.2
                             Mutual inductor                  Adaptation ratio: 2000:1
Switching output                                              1 relay output (capacity: 5A/250VAC, 5A/30VDC)
(optional)                                        Can set any power alarm, default remote control
Digital communication interface       RS485/Modbus-RTU (Baud rate: 4800/9600/19200bps)
temperature                                  Operating temperature: -20℃~55℃, storage: -25℃~70℃
humidness                                                ≤90%RH, no condensation, no corrosive gas place
Altitude                                                           ≤2500m
Insulation resistance                                        ≥100MΩ
Power frequency withstand voltage        2kV/1min (test voltage is AC RMS, between input/housing/power supply)
Class of protection                                          IP40 (Panel IP52)
Mean trouble-free uptime                               ≥50000h
EMC compatibility  Electrostatic discharge GB/T 17626.2-2006(IMC61000-4-2) Level 3 test voltage 6kV
Electrical fast transient pulse                            GB/T 17626.4-2008(IMC61000-4-4) 3-stage current voltage 1kV; Power supply 2kV 
Surge immunity                                                     GB/T 17626.5-2008(IMC61000-4-5) Level 3 test voltage 2kV
Meet the standard                                                     EN 61326-1:2013 Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use