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Author: Admin Date: Sep 11, 2018

On April 20, 2018, The Company Organized All Employees To Go To Shengsi Island

It is said that there is an immortal mountain in the sea, and the mountain is in the misty world. Shengsi Islands, precisely nature's ingenious work of art created a "sea of immortal mountains", set the essence of the sea and mountains, gathered humanities of the metropolis, is China's only national island scenic spots.

Shengsi Islands is located in the north of Zhoushan Islands, at the confluence of the mouth of the Yangtze River and Hangzhou Bay, across the sea from Shanghai, only 17 nautical miles away from Shanghai Nanhui Luchao Harbor, and adjacent to the "sea and sky Buddhist country" Putuo Mountain in the south. There are 404 islands in Shengsi, like a bright pearl shining in the blue waves, giving people a dreamland of "sea market" and "fairy mountain" everywhere.

Shengsi Islands not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has rich humanistic landscape and rich fishing island scenery. There are the ruins of Dabei Mountain, where Jianzhen stayed during his eastward journey to Fusang; the rock carvings of "Wonderful View of Mountain and Sea" written by the Ming Dynasty general Hou Jigao; the flickering beams of light from the Hanabird Lighthouse, the first largest lighthouse in the Far East; the forest of masts in Shengshan Fishing Harbor, the flags covering the sky, the lights of ten thousand boats at night, and the fishermen's lights. The lights of ten thousand boats and the fishing songs and horns sung by the fishermen from time to time ...... all emanate a strong flavor of marine culture and tell vivid and touching stories of the fishing island. These deep cultural heritage and historical accumulation make Shengsi Island Scenic Spot more interesting and charming.

Shengsi, a small border town, has mountains, rivers, islands, seafood, barbecue and beer. In Shengsi, Anting people come to enjoy and experience this historical border town, which is filled with fresh and simple air.