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Author: Admin Date: Sep 03, 2018

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau Realized Two Full Coverage Of Smart Meters And Low-Voltage Centralized Copying In The Whole Network.

● "Make the impossible possible"

At the end of 2015, the smart meter coverage rate of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau was 54%, and the low-voltage collection coverage rate was only 14%, ranking low in the South Network. At the end of December 2017, Shenzhen has taken the lead in the whole network to achieve two 100% full coverage of smart meters and low-voltage collection and no manual on-site meter reading, and the electronic settlement rate of remote meter reading has reached 99.96%. From the bottom of the ranking to the first in the whole network, this is the energetic "Shenzhen speed".

● "Systematic improvement"

The marketing system should be switched to complete, the material supply should be guaranteed, the meter verification should be accelerated, the data quality should be higher, and the electronic settlement rate should be greatly improved. The process of accelerating the early completion of the double coverage construction is also a process for Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau to take the double coverage construction as an opportunity to comprehensively and systematically improve the lean management.

● "Service concept, working method reform, docking more possibilities"

After the double coverage of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau was completed, 305 meter reading personnel were transferred to operation and maintenance personnel, and the annual electricity bill increased by about 160 million yuan; A group of skilled, interdisciplinary talents, new employees have been fully trained; Deep innovations such as big data services and "Internet Plus" have become possible.

On October 31, 2017, the coverage rate of smart meters and low-voltage collection of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau reached 100%, taking the lead in completing two full coverage tasks within the scope of Southern Power Grid one year in advance. In December 2017, the remote meter reading electronic settlement rate of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau reached 99.96%, ranking first in the Southern Power Grid, and basically realized no manual on-site meter reading.

Two years ago, Shenzhen's low-voltage collection coverage rate and electronic settlement rate were only 14% and 5%, ranking low in the whole network. From the back to the first, Shenzhen power supply people with the "Shenzhen speed" once again proved that this piece of reform and opening up frontier hot land of the spirit of hard work.

Under the background of deepening the reform of the power system and the Internet era, building a smart grid, achieving lean marketing management, and supporting the transformation of power grid enterprises into integrated energy service companies is an inevitable requirement. The coverage rate of smart meters is 100%, which is one of the important goals of the "13th Five-Year Plan" reform and development of Southern Power Grid Company. According to the unified deployment of network companies, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau plans to achieve full coverage of smart meters and low-voltage collection by the end of 2018.

January 4 to 5, 2017, Chairman Li Qingkui to Shenzhen thematic research period, the Shenzhen power supply Bureau to grasp the "four full coverage" gave full affirmation, while putting forward including the acceleration of smart meters and low-voltage collection construction and further deepening the application of specific requirements.

The Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau earnestly implemented the spirit of the instructions, and the Party Committee of the Bureau studied and decided to comprehensively speed up and comprehensively strengthen the "two full coverage of smart meters and low-voltage collection" (hereinafter referred to as "double coverage"), and reviewed the situation to advance the above goals to the end of 2017.

In more than 540 days and nights, the "Shuangshuang" (" double coverage "construction participants) of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau worked hard to overcome one problem after another, such as marketing system switching, material supply shortage, construction sites, time constraints, and heavy tasks, innovative management methods, innovative technology application, improve working standards and strengthen process control, and change" impossible "to" possible ". We have won a complete victory in the protracted battle of "double coverage" construction.

"There are a lot of stories in this, there are a lot of twists and turns, the results are relying on everyone to carry forward the 'three thousand spirit', play the South network people 'hard I a person, light up thousands of' career pursuit, overcome difficulties, hard work to achieve." As the commander of Shenzhen's "double pair", the person in charge of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau said with deep feeling.

Do not talk about difficulties, do not talk about conditions, resolutely implement, ahead of schedule

-- Gaps and difficulties are not reasons, Shenzhen has done it

For the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, when the "double coverage" work was just started in March 2016, the gap was obvious, the situation was urgent, and we could not wait for a moment.

To complete the transformation and replacement of nearly 3 million stock meters in two years, and synchronous access to low-voltage collection, "at the beginning, everyone felt that it was impossible to complete, after all, in addition to 'double coverage', marketers have their own work to do." Shenzhen power supply Bureau deputy director of the market department Xue Bing said. Midway also encountered the new and old marketing system switching, material supply shortage, customers do not understand and other problems. In 2016, when the construction of "double coverage" opened the curtain, almost every step of the "double" of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau was moving forward in difficulties.

The entry of relevant meter information after the completion of site installation is a core pre-step of "double coverage" construction. Just in May 2016, the new marketing system of Nanwang was launched. During the switching of the new and old systems, the input personnel were not skilled in operation, and the function of batch meter change was not perfect. The installed meter information could not be entered into the system in time, which directly affected the meter reading and accounting.

"There was a lot of pressure during that time, because according to the plan, to complete the 300,000 low-pressure collection project issued by the end of 2015 before June 30 of that year, the entire department was like a war, and many colleagues even did not rest during the 'May Day' holiday, in order to solve the problem of table entry on the system." Xue Bing said.

It's a team fight, no one less. The "double pairs" of grassroots units also consciously participate in the functional improvement of the system. Shenzhen Luohu Power Supply Bureau set up a "vanguard team of Party members" composed of key employees, gave full play to the vanguard role of party members, took the lead in trying to enter equipment data in the new system, compiled the "Batch Change table entry Operation Guidelines", and organized by the Marketing Department of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, carried out centralized training for the whole situation, and helped each district bureau to quickly enter equipment data. Avoid the problem of system entry affecting the meter reading account.

Material supply is the basis and guarantee of "double coverage" work. In September 2016, due to various reasons, there was a shortage of supplies, which once led to the "suspension" of the progress of some grass-roots units. "Just when the Longgang Power Supply Bureau was fully staffed and had the most strength, I suddenly heard that the electricity meters could not be supplied, and the 400,000 meters in stock before the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau had been used up." Shenzhen Longgang power supply Bureau Buji power supply branch electricity metering class vice monitor Xie Junjie said that at that time is "make bricks without straw."

The supply of materials involves the arrival of materials and the verification of electricity meters. If the supply is sufficient, and supplemented by improving the efficiency of meter verification, the required quantity can be achieved. The materials department of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau strives to overcome the difficulties, and with the strong support of the network company, tries to coordinate the suppliers and do a good job in the supply of materials. The metering center of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau also upgraded the meter verification production line, and completed the transformation of the cost control function in the first Southern Power Grid, timely activated the single-phase meter automatic verification line, and implemented the 24-hour "three shifts" detection, so that the meter verification capacity was increased from 1200 pieces/day to 5750 pieces/day, and the overall verification efficiency was increased by nearly 4 times.

Everything is ready, all that is left is to work hard. "The total number of meters in Nanshan Power Supply Bureau is 385,000, and we used to change meters every year, but with the advance of the" double coverage "goal, it is equivalent to our Nanshan power Supply Bureau to complete the replacement of nearly 200,000 meters a year." "It was a painful and happy day," said He Peng, deputy monitor of the electricity metering class in the business department of the Nanshan Power Supply Bureau in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen power Supply Bureau "Shuangshuang" people have since entered the overtime tense work state. Some of them, in search of a watch, through the streets, through iron shoes; Some people in order to find out why the last few watches did not copy back, over the wall, up and down search; Some in order to do a good job of communication and explanation of the residents of a community, repeatedly went to the scene of science popularization more than ten times, and earnestly talked, thousands of words.

Zhan Junqiang, the monitor of metering and electricity inspection class in the business department of Shenzhen Yantian Power Supply Bureau, is an "old meter inspection" with 25 years of experience. In the summer of 2017, during the construction of the "double coverage", Zhan Junqiang fell ill due to high-intensity work. What my colleagues did not expect was that after hanging 5 bottles of bottles in the hospital, Zhan immediately rushed to the construction site for on-site disclosure and supervision of the construction side to do a good job of safety measures, and then returned to the team concerned about the coverage rate, remote meter reading success rate, electronic settlement rate and other data.

Zhan Junqiang is the representative of hundreds of silent dedication and diligent "Shuangshuang" of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, and has also witnessed the dedication and heat of the "double coverage" work of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau.

In this process, the Party committee of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau attaches great importance to it, has held many Party committees and thematic work promotion meetings to discuss and deploy the "double coverage" work, and has issued the "Implementation Plan of Rewards and Punishments for the assessment of smart meters and low-voltage collection and full coverage construction" for two consecutive years, and has made good use of the "Chairman's incentive" to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.

The person in charge of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau personally cheered for the "Shuangshuang", "We are already on the road, the small Haomai at a glance is waiting for us," Shuangshuang "refueling!" The director of the district power supply Bureau also took the lead in setting an example and personally led the charge, gradually forming a united and vigorous construction atmosphere, and realizing the transformation from "mountains and rivers are restored and there is no road" to "Willow flowers and bright villages".

Completion is not the goal, high-quality application is the goal

-- Quality and quantity should be guaranteed in every link from planning and construction to installation and acceptance

In December 2017, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau should copy low-voltage customers 1416006 households in the month, using low-voltage collection to achieve remote meter reading electronic settlement customers 1415491 households, on-site manual copy only 515 households, remote meter reading electronic settlement rate of 99.96% in the month, of which Shenzhen Pingshan, Dapeng, Nanshan, Yantian and other four district power supply bureau is 100%.

"If you try too hard, you only get it; If you get too high, you get too low." Since the start of the "double coverage" work, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has not avoided difficulties, based on the long-term, and tried to find ways to vigorously grasp the practical indicators of the full-caliber remote meter reading electronic settlement rate of more than 99%. The achievement of brilliant achievements is inseparable from this.

"Only when it is used will it attach great importance to operation and maintenance, only when it is used will it be found that problems can be continuously improved, only when it is used can it let the majority of cadres and employees taste the sweetness, and only when it is used can it let us be worthy of history." The person in charge of the Shenzhen power supply Bureau spoke loudly.

The goal is clear, construction and application parallel, the data collected back must be accurate and complete, can be directly used to calculate electricity. Therefore, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has formulated very strict data acceptance standards, called four hundred percent, including station coverage, daily meter reading success rate, weekly meter reading success rate, line loss pass rate, etc., which are linked together.

This means that every link of "double coverage" from planning and construction to installation and acceptance must be accurate and quality and quantity guaranteed.

This means that the fault tolerance rate for the "double pairs" of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau is almost zero, and each step must be carefully and meticulously taken.

In December 2016, the full caliber electronic settlement rate of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau was only 16%, far below the target value of 99%. Time is tight, they insist on lean and innovation to benefit, through the introduction of lean management tools, from the technical route and control mode, problem-oriented, detailed analysis, targeted research, eliminate inefficient links, improve the installation and commissioning methods, greatly improve the work efficiency.

Through innovative management methods, solve the problem of slow construction progress. According to the characteristics of the "double coverage" project, the Marketing Department of the bureau implemented the rolling declaration of the project research, the review of the construction drawing budget and the construction unit price box, etc., which shortened the time spent in the early stage of the project; Innovative installation and debugging mode, adopt the construction mode of on-site installation without debugging and centralized delivery of background parameters, the construction personnel only need to ensure that the on-site wiring and system input are correct, and the metering automation system automatically completes the centralized delivery of parameters, improving the site construction speed.

The problem of poor data quality after completion is also a headache. "Although the double coverage of some stations has been completed, the low-voltage collection cannot be applied due to data errors or missing." Li Weihua, chief of the metrology section of the Marketing Department of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, said, "The cause of data error and leakage is the most complex, and whether it can be effectively solved is directly related to the overall effectiveness of the double coverage work."

"In this regard, we have repeatedly studied and established a low-voltage integrated copy implementation management process with positive and negative feedback mechanisms and anti-stay and anti-error mechanisms to ensure the homology and uniqueness of the data." The code specifications such as asset code, factory code and communication code have been improved to achieve 'three codes in one' and eliminate remote meter reading errors caused by inconsistent codes." 'This is the first of its kind in China,' Mr. Xue said.

After the "double coverage" was completed, no one read the meter, but the meter anomaly still needs manual on-site verification, and how to find the meter. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau planned ahead. In the process of implementation, a monitoring mechanism was established. When collecting data on site, infrared meter reading was used to compare with system data to monitor abnormal data, and geographical location information was collected synchronously to generate meter positioning and realize meter navigation.

The incremental lean improvements quickly had a synergistic effect. In the end, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau not only solved the problems of slow progress and data errors and leakage, but also realized the tripartite synchronization of the metering system, marketing system and concentrator file data, not only realized the automation of the file construction process, but also realized the automatic identification of the relationship between households and changes, ensuring the speed and quality of the "double coverage" construction.